How to get the COVID-19 vaccine and get tested, county by county in KC

Covid Testing

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[Update: There is now a state survey that you can sign up for.]

Missouri and Kansas have begun their COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Kansas is now in Phase 2 of their vaccine rollout, which includes people 65 and older, workers in congregate settings like homeless shelters and childcare centers, high critical workers, and any unvaccinated people from Phase 1. The first phase in Kansas is expected to be completed by the end of January, although Kansas is currently only receiving 45,000 doses per week from the federal government. This map allows people to see which vaccine sites have available doses and is updated on a weekly basis. Orange sites have not received more first doses from the federal government, but may have a reserve for second doses. Sites marked blue do have availability for first dose vaccinations. 

Missouri is now allowing emergency workers, including EMS, law enforcement personnel, and firefighters to get their vaccine. This moves Missouri into the next phase of its vaccine rollout plan. Starting Jan. 18, people over 65, those with health conditions, weakened immune systems, and developmental disabilities, and those who are pregnant can sign up to get the vaccine. Educators and school staff members fall into Phase 1B of Missouri’s rollout plan and will have to wait on the vaccine. 

Since the metro falls into so many different counties, it can be hard to know where and when you can get the vaccine. This article contains information on vaccine rollout for the counties of the Kansas City metro area and will be updated as new information about COVID-19 vaccine rollout comes in. 

Kansas City, Missouri

For those within Kansas City limits, the KCMO Health Department has made their own survey. You can take both this survey and the Jackson County survey to get in line for your vaccine.

Based on the speed of the rollout, the vaccine likely won’t be available until late spring to early fall, depending on supplies and capacity. 

According to Dr. Archer at a press conference held Jan. 13, Kansas City currently has 975 doses of the vaccine. That amount should stretch to about 1100 doses, since there are extra doses in vials. 

Jackson County 

For those in Jackson County outside of Kansas City, information on when county residents can receive the COVID-19 vaccine is available on their website. The health department also released a survey to determine people’s eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. Every resident should take the survey in order to reserve their spot in line. Once you’ve taken it, you’ll get a notification when the vaccine is available for your tier group. 

Clay County

The Clay County Public Health Center received the first of its COVID-19 Jan. 7. People who fall under phase 1A of the state’s distribution plan have begun receiving their vaccine. 

Currently, the county is only accepting vaccine registration from healthcare workers. As of now, there is no waitlist for anyone else. Updates to their website and to the rollout plan once they progress further into its phased distribution. 

[Updated 1/16: Clay County now has a vaccination survey available online.]

Platte County

There is not a waiting list for the COVID-19 vaccine on the Platte County Health Department website as of yet. Residents are recommended to use Vaccine Finder to see where and when they can get the vaccine. However, the general public cannot use this tool at the current stage of rollout. The Health Department’s website will be updated, as will their social media pages, once the vaccine becomes more available. 

[Updated 1/29: Platte County now has a vaccination survey available online. The County is now vaccinating people who fall under Phase 1A of the State’s rollout plan.]

Cass County

Cass County has also created a survey to notify its residents of when the vaccine is available for their tier. Included with the survey are instructions on how to schedule an appointment to get the vaccine.  

[Updated 1/29: the County is now vaccinating people who fall within Phase 1B of the State’s vaccination plan upon availability.]

Johnson County

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment is vaccinating all residents who fall into both Phase 1 and 2. Residents of nursing homes will be vaccinated by the Pharmacy Partnership for Long-term Care Program.

[Updated 1/29: There is a vaccine interest form on the county’s website for those in Phase 2 to indicate interest for the vaccine.] 

Wyandotte County

If you live in Wyandotte County, you should fill out an interest form that the County put out in order to determine your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine. Based on the form, the health department will notify residents when the vaccine is available to them. 

[Updated 1/29: the county is now vaccinating, upon availability, people who fall within Phase 2 of Kansas’ rollout plan.]

Douglas County

The Douglas County Health Department will use its website to announce the vaccination process to residents who fall under later stages of the vaccination plan.

[Updated 1/29: Residents can now fill out the county’s interest form to indicate their desire for the vaccine. The county is currently vaccinating those in Phase 2 of the rollout plan.] 

COVID-19 testing

Testing sites are ever-changing and dependent on each location. Here is where we have found you can get tested, based on where you live or work. 

Kansas City

Kansas City’s testing schedule and locations can be found on the City’s website under testing locations. Testing sites change weekly, but the City also lists alternate testing sites. 

Jackson County

Jackson County’s website lists a weekly rotation of testing sites that occur at a different place in the County each day. Currently, testing is made available via walk-in clinics, not drive-thru sites. 

People in Jackson County can also schedule to be tested at CVS, some Hyvee Pharmacies, Urgent Care of Kansas City, and Care Now Urgent Care.

Clay County

A list of all places you can get tested is location on Clay County Health Department’s website. This list includes the rotating county schedule, as well as pharmacies and private businesses that are doing testing. 

Platte County

Platte County testing sites through the county can be found on the website. As of Jan. 4 people must pay $100 for testing. 

People in Platte County can also be tested at First Point Urgent Care, CVS, Nextcare Urgent Care, Price Chopper, and Hyvee

Cass County

Cass County is providing free drive-thru testing every Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10 a.m. You can sign up on their website

Residents can also be tested at Price Chopper, CVS, Walgreens, and Hyvee

Johnson County

Those in Johnson County can sign up to get tested via the county’s website

Testing is also available via Heart to Heart International, GoGetTested, Walgreens, CVS, and Hyvee

Wyandotte County

Residents can find all locations of testing, including pop-up testing and pharmacy locations, via Wyandotte County’s website

Douglas County

Testing locations can be found at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department’s website

Residents can also be tested at CVS, Prompt Care by calling 785-838-1510, or at the MedExpress Clinic by calling 785-841-3123.

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