How to connect with at-risk loved ones during the Easter holiday

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An Easter card package. // Photo by Luke Searles

Social distancing from our at-risk loved ones is not just the kind thing to do, it’s the life-saving thing to do. This is why we need to find ways to stay connected in manners that don’t require face-to-face contact. 

With the Easter holiday around the corner, whether you celebrate or not, you can take advantage of this time to connect with the members of our community who may feel especially isolated. One of the main inhibitors we face during this time is financial insecurity, so consider these low-to-no cost options for making your loved ones feel special and important from a distance.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Surprise
    • Grab your flashlight and sidewalk chalk and head over to your loved ones’ home after the sun sets on Saturday night. Write encouraging notes and fun designs on their driveway or sidewalk. Give them an uplifting surprise to wake up to Easter morning! 
  • Easter Basket Drop-Off
    • Assemble a makeshift Easter basket with items you have around the house to leave on loved ones’ doorsteps. Include extra candy, homemade face masks (if you have extras), baked goods, a book you’ve already read, or a handwritten note. Leave this on their doorstep before they get up on Sunday morning. The Easter Bunny shouldn’t just be for kids! 
  • Send homemade cards
    • Are your loved ones far away? This is the perfect time to break out the art supplies you may have forgotten about and get crafty. Spend an hour or two crafting homemade cards to send to loved ones near and far.
  • Cook an Easter meal
    • Food brings people together and that doesn’t have to change even if social distancing stops us from eating together. Set aside extra portions of your holiday meal to deliver to grandparents or elderly neighbors. Just be sure to practice social distancing while delivering their meal.

Whether you observe the Easter holiday or not, this weekend is a great opportunity to put some extra time and effort into your relationships with the higher-risk people in your life. Getting creative and identifying ways to connect while still practicing social distancing can make us all feel a little less lonely.

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