How long would you wait to buy food?

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  • How long would you wait on a doughnut?

If a line is long enough, you usually have enough time to wonder why you’re waiting, feel good about seeing all the happy people leaving, wonder again why you’re waiting, curse the people for not leaving sooner, press your nose against the window like a street urchin in an attempt to see what you will be ordering, wish you had crackers in your pocket like the toddler in the stroller in front of you, play with your smartphone, wonder why you ever got in line, and then finally arrive at your table hungry and ready to declare your meal worth the wait.

Eater has the story of the 150-minute wait that folks were willing to endure at Doughnut Vault in Chicago, which has been named the number one doughnut shop in the country by Food & Wine. Werner’s gets a pretty good line (but it moves quickly) around noon on Saturdays for their sausages, and it’s rare that the Oklahoma Joe’s line doesn’t extend into the parking lot. What’s the longest you’d be willing to wait for food?

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