How local business will handle the Chiefs parade

Provided by O’Neill Events & Marketing

It finally happened, the big win most Kansas Citians have been waiting for their entire lives. After a 50 year wait, the Kansas City Chiefs have won the Super Bowl. The week before the win, local businesses quietly planned the plan for the big “if” we won the big game, to close or not to close?

Post-Win, HR departments across the metro sprang into action sending out company-wide emails detailing plans for operations during the big parade day on February 5th.

The first to close were the school districts. From Olathe to Liberty, Lees Summit to Pleasant Hill, the majority of metro schools will be closed for the parade day. Governing offices quickly followed as The Jackson County Circuit Court will also be closed for fears of traffic congestion.

Next to close were the businesses in immediate proximity to the parade route, companies like Blue KC and law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon. However, corporations like the Hallmark and H&R Block offices will have a sort of soft open status during the parade. Block’s building is open, but not allowing visitors without an escort, no visitor parking, and the tax office will be closed.

Smaller businesses in proximity to the parade are on the fence. Raygun, and Christopher Elbow Chocolates will remain open, however establishments like Cellar Rat, Ruby Jean’s Juicery and Messenger Coffee will be closed.

Trickling down to the suburbs we see less and less of a closed status as employers take firm stances on being open, but supporting a ‘work from home’  or ‘use that PTO’ mentality with companies like Garmin and Cerner.

Whether you’re going to attend the parade or not, this is a historic day for Kansas City. One would forever remember the sea of red, blanketing the landscape surrounding Union Station, but will most likely forget that spreadsheet, staff meeting or customer interaction to take place February 5th.

Much to the dismay of local HR departments, Kansas City’s offices will be barren as the majority of the city will be downtown celebrating the Chiefs Championship.

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