Hospital Ships

The solo debut from Minus Story singer Jordan Geiger’s new project is one of those records so soaked in intimacy that it’s almost built to be listened to alone. Vocally (and somewhat lyrically), Geiger bears a striking resemblance to a much more well-balanced Daniel Johnston. But whereas Johnston tends to keep things sparse and a bit more lo-fi, Geiger layers lush pianos, shimmering and atmospheric guitars, horns and ringing bells into a cacophony that helps make his frail voice sound downright confident. Lyrically, Oh, Ramona is a heavy record — like listening to the reflections of a man with a terminal illness looking back at all the things he had done wrong and the wrongs done to him by the world. Geiger not only has fleshed out his home-recorded songs with extra layers that accent and emphasize his heartbreaking ruminations but also has transformed them into poignant, universal pieces that turn ugly moments into beautiful, cinematic triumphs.

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