Hoodie-wearing man terrorizes Kansas City by reading in the park

If you see a guy wearing a hoodie and reading in the park, you might want to call 911. The hoodie-wearing man might just be a terrorist, if you believe the “Seven Signs of Terrorism,” a creepy six-minute video that gives the clues to a potential terrorist attack right here in Kansas City. If you go to PrepareMetroKC.org, you can see that the video was paid for by the Department of Homeland Security.

I saw the video on TKC yesterday, and with its creepy woman host, music from The Exorcist and hoodie-wearing terrorist, it scared the piss out of me. See for yourself.

Looks like the video is already having an effect. In this next video, a camera crew for InfoWars gets hassled by Liberty Memorial security for filming the Federal Reserve. Hey, it’s sign No. 1. Surveillance. Skip to the three-minute mark for the confrontation.

Another hat tip to TKC.

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