Honeybee Edibles’ peanut butter and jelly chocolate bars and solventless-rosin gumdrops hit the Missouri cannabis market

Honeybee Edibles All Three New Edibles

Honeybee Edibles new peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar and solventless-rosin gumdrops. (Photo by Joe Ellett)

A couple of weeks ago, Honeybee Edibles, a branch of Proper Cannabis based in St. Louis, announced the release of their heavily awaited gourmet edibles. Both the peanut butter and jelly filled chocolate bars and solventless-rosin gummy edibles offer consumers tasty new methods of cannabis consumption.

Honeybee Edibles Chocolate Bar

Honeybee Edibles new peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar. (Photo by Joe Ellett)

Peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar

Recognized as the first filled cannabis bar in Missouri, the peanut butter and jelly chocolate bar, produced by Proper Brands Culinary Director, Dave Owens, and his team, constructed a childhood favorite.

When first sinking one’s teeth into this weed-infused treat, hints of strawberry jam are first recognizable, yet not overwhelming. The salty-sweet mix of peanut butter and chocolate cohered together, soothingly strike the taste buds, creating the classic snack combination of peanut butter and jelly.

As stated on the packaging, this skillfully crafted delicacy does a fantastic job of taking your palate to a warm, familiar place. Once the THC begins to take effect, you may even begin to feel as if this chocolate bar really did take you back to your youthful days of first experimenting with weed.

The standard cannabis-infused artisan chocolate bar is cut out into ten squares, each containing 12.5 mgs. of THC, with an overall amount of 125 mgs. of THC per bar. Missouri’s first filled cannabis bar is also available as a high potency option, with an overall sum of 300 mgs. of THC per bar.

Honeybee Edibles Strawberry Basil Mojito

Honeybee Edibles new strawberry basil mojito solventless-rosin gumdrops. (Photo by Joe Ellett)

Solventless-rosin gumdrops

Along with the chocolate bar, Honeybee edibles has introduced their two new flavors of solventless-rosin gumdrops. Made with real fruit, these new gummy candies come in strawberry basil mojito and tangerine dream.

The strawberry basil mojito is a mixture of fresh strawberries, pungent basil, with a hint of lime, making for a juicy avenue of getting your weed fix. Together, these ingredients form a great blend of summer-oriented flavors that mask any taste of marijuana that some other edibles may carry.

Coated in flakes of sugar, this gelatin-based edible is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Without knowing that it was infused with cannabis, this sweet treat could easily fool anyone for normal  convenience store candy.

If you are an orange fruit snack lover, as many are, the tangerine dream gumdrop was designed with you in mind. Now, you can enjoy an entire bag of your favorite flavored sweets, while also reaping the THC benefits compacted in the sugary goodness.

Tangerine dream offers a different approach to the solventless-rosin gummies, with its powerful orange citrus flavor bursting at the seams. With a sweet, yet tart consistency, tangerine dream offers a comforting taste for avid edible consumers.

While they may be small in size, these succulent edibles can easily creep up on you if you are not careful.

Honeybee Edibles Tangerine Dream

Honeybee Edibles new tangerine dream solventless-rosin gumdrops. (Photo by Joe Ellett)

Proper Cannabis purposefully added new fruit-dominant strains to their grow over the last year to ensure a more flavorful experience for consumers, according to a press release from Proper Brands.

The rosin that makes up the gumdrops is hash rosin, meaning that it begins as ice water hash, an assembly of trichome heads that is submerged in water before filtering. It is then freeze dried and purified without the use of solvents, using only heat and pressure.

After pressing, the rosin is homogenized and carefully melted before being infused into the edibles. The gumdrops are made possible through Proper’s renowned solventless extraction process that preserves the purity of the cannabinoids and terpenes, ultimately resulting in a more ‘true-to-plant’ experience, according to the press release.

Both packages of solventless-rosin gummies contain 20 gumdrops, each containing five mgs. of THC for an overall total of 100 mgs. of THC in the entire pouch. All products can be found at Proper Cannabis at 1421 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, MO, 64127.

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