Historically Entertaining

This weekend, as that muddy patch of Bonner Springs set aside for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival again leaps back through the ages to a time of jousting, breeches and people strolling about on wood chips like hamsters, The Pitch is proud to offer all time-traveling attendees its first-annual Back-in-Time Ren Fest Challenge. On your way back to the present, would you mind stopping by 1953 and telling L.P. Cookingham not to build the airport 20 miles out of town? As for the past, it’s not quite the same as it ever was, but it is pretty close to what it’s been ever since the fest started some 30 years back — parades of royalty and wenches, juicy drumsticks, ax throwing, harps and dulcimers, dozens of craft shops and the craziest Shakespearean pidgin-English since Stan Lee gave up writing Thor. This weekend’s romantic “A Royal Affair” celebration encourages couples to join in sack races, eating contests and a Newlywed Game-style know-your-mate challenge. All together now: “When thine love thoughts and whoopee are canopied not in thy maiden’s bower, in what strangest of places hast thy stinger pricked her flower?” The festival is one mile north of Kansas Highway 7 and Interstate 70 in Bonner Springs. Grown-ups pay $14.95, and kids get in for $7.45. Call 800-373-0357 for additional information, including directions.

Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: Aug. 30. Continues through Oct. 13, 2008