Hey, KCTV, you trying to tell us something?

Last night, KCTV Channel 5 aired an interview between Alonzo Washington and Shon Pernice, the husband of missing woman Renee Pernice. It was a big “get” of an interview. Shon Pernice hasn’t talked much with anybody. Washington had been promoting the interview on his MySpace blog, urging detectives to consider all suspects. After seeing KCTV’s story, I came away feeling like the station was trying to send me subliminal messages. Notice how the KCTV writer uses the verb “tried” here: “Shon Pernice … called Alonzo Washington and tried to explain the

disappearance of his wife.” And, of course, there’s this unforgettable quote from Washington: “Shon Pernice is a firefighter, he’s a solider, he’s a warrior. He doesn’t want to be stifled.” Huh?

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