He’s Just Not That Into You

The smirky, overbearing and subliminally hostile romantic primer He’s Just Not That Into You, which sold only 2 million copies when it was published in 2004, seizes on some partial truths about the gender wars and blows them up into evolutionary gospel about the crossed wires of male-female dating behavior. The book’s title is taken from a scene in Sex and the City. Director Ken Kwapis is charged with hacking a romantic comedy out of that plotless guide for ditzy daters, played quite well here by assorted Jennifers: Aniston, Connelly and (Ginnifer) Goodwin, with Scarlett Johansson thrown in as the home-wrecker. If all you ask for is a few gay jokes, a perky score, pretty shots of Baltimore, and some clever but callow observations of sexual mores in the city, He’s Just Not That Into You is an amiable-enough night out. What’s depressing about this movie is the low bar that’s set for women and the movies that seek to represent them.

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