Here on Earth

In the midst of all the youth-market comedies and horror films comes this romantic drama, in which a prep-school student (American Pie‘s Chris Klein) falls for the daughter of a small-town sheriff. The story is woefully predictable, not that it matters — it all happens so fast, there isn’t much chance for viewers to make an emotional investment anyway. Here on Earth does have two things going for it, though. One is its female lead, Leelee Sobieski, who is one of the most genuinely interesting young actresses working today. The other is screenwriter Michael Seitzman’s decision to write sympathetic characters instead of shallow stereotypes (even the adults in this movie are likable). It won’t ever be a classic, but Here on Earth is practically guaranteed to make large numbers of 16-year-old girls cry. And isn’t that the point? (PG-13) Rating: 5

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