Health food and breakfast coming to Taco Bell?

​Taco Bell believes it has identified its newest growth market: quick-serve meals and healthier options. According to a recent story in the Nation’s Restaurant News, Yum Brands, Inc. (Taco Bell’s parent corporation) will focus on new healthy and premium offerings. 
Among the potential new items are a half-pound burrito with premium meat (maybe not so healthy), a 10-taco dinner kit priced at $15, and an overhaul of the Fresco menu — which focuses on menu items like soft tacos or burritos with less fat content. At the Taco Bell investors’ meeting, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch analyst Joe Buckley talked about the new breakfast menu that will be test-marketed this year: 

“The retooled breakfast menu, which is on the cusp of entering early market testing … features co-branded products with established breakfast brands [including] Seattle’s Best, Dole, Cinnabon and Jimmy Dean.”

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