Healing Masculine podcast bridges the queer and heteronormative

A new local podcast called Healing Masculine, hosted by Shym, is available for your listening pleasure now. “Growing up in Northern Indiana, attending Columbia College Chicago, and living in KCMO for the past two years I’ve been missing a conversation inside both queer and hetero-normative spaces, one that is central to not only my identity but to our society; what does it mean to be masculine? We are collaborating with local figures in KC and Chicago to create this podcast and event– Happy Apple Cafe, Hakima Tafunzi Payne, Balance Shot, Kultur House, to name a few.” This is a non-binary conversation expanding concepts of masculinity. By engaging cross-cultural dialogue as central to modern spiritual and social justice practices, they affirm the masculine qualities in one another; healing the divide between learned and authentic expression. Listen to Season 1 on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Stitcher.

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