Have you ever told a lie to get a reservation or a table?

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  • It’s the Klondike bar debate. What would you do for a reservation?

The first time I met my prospective in-laws I was an hour and a half late. Traffic, construction and my own sense of direction conspired against me on the crooked streets of Boston. It’s here that a critical element of the story should be noted: This was in the pre-cellphone era.

When we reached the hotel, I left the car by the curb in a space that could either be a parking spot or a tow zone. I didn’t particularly care if I saw my car again. The 10-minute walk to the restaurant was uneventful. I was hoping that the food might help ease my nerves and salvage a quickly fizzling first impression. When we opened the door, the line stretched to the entrance. It was then that I decided to tell my only lie of the evening. I explained to the hostess that this was my fiancee (it was not), that it was the first time I was meeting her parents (it was) and that this restaurant was where we had met (it was not). OK, two lies.

I asked if there was anything she could to do to get us seated because I had built the entire evening around this meal. Five minutes later, we walked past the line as my then-girlfriend raised her eyebrows. Less than 10 minutes after that, I was cracking crab legs and sharing easy laughter with her parents. That small lie lies saved that night and made sure that my late arrival was a forgotten story rather than a case of “I knew he was no good from the start.”

Have you ever told a lie to snag a reservation or table?

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