Have the Royals Gone Conservative with ‘Hug Cam’?


I got a text message last night at 8:58 from a friend with some pretty big breaking news. The Royals, he reported, have dropped the Kiss Cam for a more Disney-style version called the Hug Cam. “Dunno for sure but if so that is too creepy conservative,” he wrote.

Admittedly, I haven’t been to the ‘K in a couple months, so I called someone who had been to a recent game. Yep, on Monday night, he saw the Hug Cam but no Kiss Cam.

These sources did enjoy the beverage selections at the ‘K. That, of course, leads to the need to visit the concourse facilities. So both of them could’ve missed the Kiss Cam while headed to the can. So I called the Royals to find out if they had, in fact, turned the Kiss Cam conservative.

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