Haerts performs at RecordBar on Tuesday

Attention, lovers of 1980s synth-tastic baby-making music: Brooklyn’s Haerts is here for you. The group’s self-titled debut is a dreamy listen, suited for equal parts true love and bad decisions. To be fair, it’s not all “Sexual Healing”–themed cuts. “No One Needs to Know” finds lead singer Nini Fabi bemoaning an unfulfilling relationship, while “Giving Up” — clearly written for Haerts’ Columbia Records labelmate Haim — finds Fabi ceding her fight for love.

Fabi’s voice earns plenty of comparisons with Stevie Nicks’, and those aren’t inaccurate. But she also has a breathy, yearning quality that makes this band’s mechanical electro pop a little warmer. The Internet hearts Haerts at the moment, so stop by RecordBar Tuesday night to see what all the fuss is about.

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