Great Scott! It’s the Back to the Future cake

Shows such as Ace of Cakes have done a good job demonstrating the skill level and obsessive-compulsiveness that go into making a wedding cake — something that begins with just flour, eggs and sugar.

But despite some of the works of art on that show, this Back to the Future wedding cake still takes the … cake.

Not everything in the town of Hill Valley circa 1955 is edible, just the clock-tower (“eat the clock-tower!”) which was made of red velvet cake. And yes, that is a tiny Delorean on the left side of the picture.  

The Flickr user who posted it calls it a wedding cake, but since it’s made of red velvet, by a cake designer in Atlanta (Caryn Nash), it’s most likely a groom’s cake. Southern tradition dictates that the gentleman getting married receive his own cake, often of an eclectic flavor in the shape of an item.

If so, this is one groom with good taste in movies. See more pictures of the cake at Flickr.

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