Gov. Kelly keeps Kansas schools closed until after Labor Day to prep safety measures

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Governor Kelly announcing school reopening plans Wednesday. // Courtesy of YouTube

In a live stream press conference Wednesday, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly spoke about the state’s plans in regards to the upcoming school year. Kelly announced that all K-12 activities and academics will be postponed until September 9. This decision follows much consideration of what is best for Kansas students, faculty, and families.

Kelly stated that throughout the pandemic, she has had three major focuses: keeping Kansans healthy, keeping the state open for business, and getting kids back to school. After a summer with high infection rates that continue to climb, “Kansas is at a make it or break it moment,” Kelly says.

This plan also includes enough time to adjust start dates if public health officials and educators deem necessary.

Governor Kelly has taken the lead on making tough decisions this year, after being the first governor to mandate that all schools in Kansas close back in March. “I believe that real leaders aren’t afraid to face a crisis head-on,” Kelly says.

She also fought against the Easter church reopening in the state, despite harsh pushback from Republicans.

Randy Watson, the Kansas education commissioner noted that a team of educators, families, students, facilities managers, and other facets were assembled and had a part in making this plan. He notes that each school district will have a different plan when it comes down to the specifics because each district’s needs will be different.

The most important thing to note is that schools will be enforcing the use of masks, social distancing, and frequent disinfecting. In addition, equipping districts with the time and tools to create a flexible and adaptable learning plan to fit the changing needs of the community is of the highest concern.

This plan also includes all extracurricular activities such as sports, debate, and theater that will have to be postponed until after Labor Day at the earliest.

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