Good Coffee Music

Some coffeehouse regulars chug their beverages as soon as they see a musical act arrive, opting to scald their tongues rather than endure another strident protest tune or politely incompetent Bruce Springsteen cover. But even the most folk-jaded caffeine connoisseurs need not fear Space Station Lounge, a psyche­delic-rock outfit that prefers coffeehouses to clubs. “People come to listen at coffee shops, and the responses seem more sincere,” says the singer and multi-instrumentalist who calls himself Turtle. Space Station Lounge recently played an unplugged gig in preparation for its upcoming acoustic EP, but the group usually employs not only electric guitars but also electronic loops. Crisp Americana riffs keep Space Station Lounge loosely tethered to traditional coffeehouse fare — the way a gravitational pull keeps a planet in orbit — but the band’s songs drift into cosmic territory, with keyboard-simulated symphonic elements, underwater vocal distortion and shivering guitars. Tonight at 7:30, Space Station Lounge plays a free set at Black Dog Coffeehouse (12815 West 87th Parkway in Lenexa, 913-495-5515).
Space Station Lounge

Sat., Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m., 2008