God hates whores and waitresses with cleavage

Andi with her “tip”

The following dispatch comes from Pitch writer Nadia Pflaum:

I was sitting with a friend at Nara last Friday night when my favorite server, Andi, came up and showed us the tip that a neighboring table left her. Enclosed in the folder with the check and an 18 percent gratuity, there was a little booklet about the size of a matchbook. The booklet was of the usual accept-Jesus-or-burn variety, but on the inside cover, someone had written in pen, “Jesus hates whores!”

Our best guess was that Andi’s patrons were offended by her fantastic rack. But Andi’s got enough class not to let the jerks get her down. She’s also done enough Bible-readin’ to know that those evangelical booklet-droppers ought to brush up on Matthew 21:32.

“I went to Catholic school, and I never forget a face,” Andi says. “If I see (those customers) again, I’ll tell them Jesus actually loved whores.”

Far be it for me to make any theological assumptions about the son of God, but if Jesus were around today, I bet he’d tip at least 20 percent.

Either the note was tongue in cheek or somebody doesn’t know his or her Bible very well. After all, one of the New Testament’s most famous women (and a saint to boot), Mary Magdalene, is nearly always identified as the “sinner” in Luke chapter 7:37. The person who wrote the note could also learn something from the previous chapter of Luke when Jesus says, “Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

So to the person who wrote the note, Fat City forgives you.

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