Go to the zoo, and get a snack for 100 cents.

This blog has been updated — it contained some misinformation before because I misread a press release from the Zoo. Sorry!

Feel like going to the zoo? Starting today, Mondays are a cheap time to mingle with the animals refresh yourself at the Kansas City Zoo. In honor of the Zoo’s 100th anniversary, admission is only $1 certain snacks are only $1 every Monday through August 31. (Admission, however, still costs $10.50 for adults and $7 for children age 3-11.)

The 100-cent treat changes every week. Today, 12-ounce smoothies are $1. Later this month, get nachos and cheese (June 8), a small popcorn (June 15), a 21-ounce fountain drink (June 22) or an “ice cream novelty” (June 29). Yum!

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