Go Buy This Record. Now.

I’m on the mailing list for Jim Mahfood, aka FOOD ONE, otherwise known as one of the best underground artists going on right now. His most recent update mentioned that he’d done the cover for Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins’ new album, Fascinating Fingers.

Mahfood described the album as “12 tracks of the illest instrumental grooves you’ve heard!” And they are. It’s sickeningly good, and you will nod your head approvingly as you work your way through those 12 tracks, much as I did. It’s so damned good, I want to grab people by the lapels and throw them bodily into listening to it.

Go buy that sucker from Ubiquity Records right effing now.

You can listen to the entire album at that page, too.

MP3: Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins, “What More Can I Say (Top Chillin’)”

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