Go ahead and eat some golambki, Saturday is Polski Day

  • The volunteers at this year’s Polski Day in Kansas City, Kansas, will serve up more than 1,200 stuffed cabbage rolls.

Last year, the line was so long to get into the Parish Hall at All Saints Church in Kansas City, Kansas, for the traditional Polish lunch served for the parish’s annual Polski Day, that after waiting an hour, I finally gave up and drove over to have a hamburger at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant instead. This year, I’ve learned my lesson: If you don’t want to wait a long time to get to the cabbage rolls and the pierogi, skip the parade and eat early.

“If you come to the Parish Hall early, around noon, before the parade has ended, you avoid the wait,” says longtime Polski Day volunteer Cathy Kolenda Smith, who helps oversee the food service that day. “The food line really starts at 1 p.m., after the parade is over.”

The next best time to get into the food line, she says, is when the All Saints Church hosts a polka mass at 4 p.m. Many of the festival participants attend this service, and the dining room becomes distinctly less full. But could the kitchen run out of food?

“That’s only happened once in the 28 years that we’ve hosted the festival,” Kolenda Smith says. “Four years ago. And it was a fluke.”

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