Glace opens on Main Street

You’ve probably had chocolate ice cream, but have you ever had ice cream from a chocolatier? 

Glace (prounced glah-say) — the latest venture from Christopher Elbow — opened this past Friday at 6 p.m. to a line of people eager to see just what flavors were available in the shop at 4960 Main Street.

“It’s like everybody heard the click of the door opening,” Elbow tells us.

Since then, he’s been working from 7 a.m. to midnight to keep the ice cream case stocked and to perfect his chocolate ice cream. After all, he had a built-in set of expectations to meet based on the reputation of his retail chocolate operation at 1819 McGee Street. 

“There’s pressure to have the best chocolate,” Elbow says.

The early best sellers are some flavors that diehard Elbow fans will recognize from the small batch pints he sold last summer: sweet corn ice cream, pineapple cilantro sorbet and basil-lime sorbet. So far, he says, the more exotic flavors are far outpacing the one flavor you’ll find in every ice cream shop: vanilla. 

“Vanilla is not selling, and that’s supposedly the best selling flavor everywhere,” he notes. “I think it’s just that we have such a wide variety.”

Despite non-traditional flavors — salted pretzel, lemon curd, creme fraiche (yes, you can ask for samples) — the menu is straightforward. In addition to a full line of coffee drinks (iced and hot), the shop serves affogato — a shot of espresso poured over a single serving of ice cream ($4.75).

You can get a small ($3.65) or large ($4.75) cup and add one of two sauces — chocolate or fleur de sel caramel — for 50 cents. What you won’t find are cones. Glace only sells ice cream in cups.  
“It’s a texture thing. We work hard to make our ice cream smooth and creamy, not to hide it in a cone,” Elbow explains.

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