Giving Grove urban farming organization expands from KC to Denver

Dug And Giving Grove

Members of Giving Grove and Denver Urban Gardens walk amongst unplanted trees. // Photo Courtesy of Denver Urban Gardens

Giving Grove Orchards recently announced its expansion into Denver, in alliance with Denver Urban Gardens.

Both organizations are known for their efforts in serving communities facing food insecurities. They work to develop and increase access, skills, and resources to grow healthy foods in urban spaces.

The Giving Grove—based out of Kansas City—has experienced success within the local area as well as affiliate programs in St. Louis, Omaha, Memphis, Louisville, Cincinnati, and rural areas in Kansas. The blooming company will expand to Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle this spring with plans to add 10 more U.S. locations by 2025.

Both groups partnering in Denver will make conscientious use of the unique climate and challenging terrain, emphasizing the cultivation of in-ground and vertical food growth to provide equitable food access and urban environmental sustainability.

Planting is set to begin this spring.

“Denver marks the tenth city with Giving Grove orchards since it began its national expansion. Denver Urban Gardens put together an excellent team to help their communities plant and care for fruit trees, and we are excited to grow this partnership,” says Ashley Williamson, Chief Replication Officer.

On average, standard orchards produce more than 9,800 servings of locally grown, healthy foods each year—worth more than $8,200 annually. Orchards typically endure a 50-60+ year life span, which is enough feed an entire metro population one full serving.

The Giving Grove has planted 330 orchards across the nation since 2013, aiming to re-establish green space on unused lands while providing free, natural, and holistically grown fruits, nuts, and berries. The programs in place can generate food production systems that feed communities for decades.

More on the Giving Grove Inc., its fruitful projects, accessibility, and branching out can be found online.

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