Give us the combo plate, please (Update)

Beverage and dessert cost extra

Update: Let’s hear it for festival fans (and Fat City commenters) Heatherkay and Markus who both knew that this week’s featured “Where Am I Eating” dish — the Mexican combination plate — was served at the Guardian Angels Festival two days ago. I didn’t eat the dinner myself, but my friend Bob loved it. He also won at bingo — twice!


Hey, it’s always fiesta time in Fat City, but during the summer, Kansas City is filled with festivals: church socials, ethnic fairs, historic neighborhood celebrations and so on. This particular Mexican combination plate was served over the weekend at one of these kind of events.

It was very inexpensive, so that once you finished eating you could eat one of the homemade desserts arrayed so tastefully, pictured below, or play bingo, buy a raffle ticket, bid on a silent auction item (there were lots of wine baskets), buy some treasure from the White Elephant Table (there was lots of costume jewelry) or go back outside to spin the Wheel of Fortune. We had better luck at bingo, frankly.

Bingo or brownies? A difficult decision

​Where was this dish being served over the weekend?

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