Ghoul keeps it strange ahead of Sunday’s show at the Granada

Thrash-metal maniacs Ghoul hail from Creepsylvania, which might be a state, a country or a collective state of hallucination. The four masked mutant madmen have been wreaking havoc around the world for 15 years, and they kick off their next tour opening for British grindcore band Carcass on Sunday, July 17, at the Granada. That tour also sees the band celebrating Dungeon Bastards, its latest full-length, which comes out at the end of this month on Tankcrimes.

The Pitch spoke with Digestor, Ghoul’s guitarist and vocalist, via e-mail about life and death in Creepsylvania, surviving Killbot and more weirdness.

The Pitch: It’s been two years since the Hang Ten EP, and five years since Transmission Zero, your last full-length. What’s the band been up to in the meantime?

Digestor: Our usual routine of grave robbing, orphan murdering, orphan creating and stealing old Megadeth riffs. Said routine has been made slightly more difficult by the fact that the surface is teeming with wolf-headed, acid-wielding shock troops that are programmed to try to melt our faces. Someone is always trying to melt our faces though, so we’re pretty much used to it by now.

Is listening to the new album mandatory in Creepsylvania?

No, it’s against the law! Anyone caught headbanging faces a stiff fine and possible decapitation, not necessarily in that order. I hear they force prisoners to listen to it, however. And then they fine them! This administration truly is less than ideal.

For the first time, you’ve given your fans a theme song with “Ghoulunatics.” Not even the Turbojugend can boast something like this. What have Ghoul’s fans done to deserve this?

Years of drawing pictures of us, dressing like us, writing us letters, coming to our shows, being abducted, tortured, and eaten by us. … They really are the worst, and they deserve a song that reflects that.

The new album comes with a game also called Dungeon Bastards. Have there been any reported game-related issues — fatalities, demonic possession, or the like?

If you’re asking if we play-tested it, the answer is yes.

“Guitarmageddon” is the catchiest bunch of shredding I’ve heard in ages. The backing samples are a terrifying collection of premonitions of death, though. Where’d they come from?

We’ve had the Mezmetron hooked up to a wax-cylinder recorder for a few years and anything interesting that comes through, we record. I always thought they were messages from another dimension, but come to think of it, we might just be getting free cable.

Past tours have seen you battling the likes of Killbot night after night. What can audiences expect as you tour in support of Dungeon Bastards?

Hopefully, this upcoming tour with Carcass will go smoothly, and there won’t be any interruptions. I’d like to just once get through a set without being cut off by some joker in a funny hat and a mask trying to kill us or blow up the club.

Given the fact that all four members have a taste for blood and/or human flesh, is touring in the States a difficult prospect?

No, there are plenty of fatties in the States that we can easily chase down and eat. It’s only difficult on my waistline!

Carcass with Crowbar, Ghoul, and Night Demon
Sunday July 17
The Granada
1020 Massachusetts, Lawrence

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