Ghosty unfurls A Mystic’s Robe EP

Whoosh! Just when we’d filed Ghosty to the back of the card catalog, the mellow-pop masters blow back with some of their best work yet. This week, the Lawrence-rooted fivesome released its first collection of new material since Answers, which came out in early 2008 but feels like a long time ago. Available online at, A Mystic’s Robe EP offers three songs of Ghosty at their most soft-rockingest.

The songs cost $1 (or more, if you’re feeling generous) apiece to download, but you can stream them for free. Damn, Andrew Connor’s vocal lines sound great, particularly on the lilting, Bread-meets-Flaming-Lips “Secret Language,” on which he gets swoon-inducing harmonic help from his band mates. New to the Ghosty camp is Carmen Winters, who provides vox on the charming “My Girl Is Strong.”

Not sure what Ghosty’s got coming up (videos? tour? pajama party?), but we’re enchanted.

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