George Tiller link round up for Wednesday

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman wrote an op-ed in USA Today, uh, today calling the assassination of George Tiller “vigilantism” that “must be abhorred” but so should aborting fetuses. Meanwhile, USA Today‘s editorial board calls for protection of abortion providers.

Fox 4’s Tess

Koppelman asked an anti-abortion activist about the denunciations of

Tiller’s killing by anti-abortion groups like Operation Rescue. Here’s the answer she got: “… she said that because they profit from abortion being in existence,

they don’t really want it abolished, and that’s why they sympathize

with Tiller.” She also talked to a gun-toting clinic security guard who’s ready to “take this fights to the streets.” Scary.

Nebraska doctor LeRoy Carhart wants to keep providing third-term abortions, he just needs a place to do them. The money quotes from the Associated Press story:

“Dr. Tiller and I and all our friends know that tomorrow is never a

given,” Carhart said. “I think what we have to do

is not let this loss of his life affect our goals in life, No. 1, and

we need to do things so he’s never forgotten.”

“As long as you have a terrorist who is willing to walk into a

church and kill one person, as long as that element is in society, this

is the risk we take,” he said. “You can’t live your life based on fear.

You have to live by your principles.”

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