George Brett’s wife calls weepy Mets fans ‘hilarious,’ is totally right

The New York Times just published the results of a typically thorough NYT investigation: Who exactly was sitting in the expensive-ass seats at Game 5 of last fall’s World Series, and what exactly were they thinking as the camera captured their horror at Eric Hosmer’s historic slide home. 

The short answer: Mets fans whose privileged view suddenly gave way to anguish — and then, apparently, unceasing self-pity.

Also: George and Leslie Brett.

In the photo (cropped above; see the whole thing, and read and listen to the audio interviews that make up “‘A Front-Row Seat. To Misery,'” here), you can see KC’s Baseball Hall of Famer rocketing skyward and hear him tell the Times, “As soon as we scored that run, I knew we were going to win.” 

Better yet, though — especially on the eve of Sunday’s home-opener rematch against the Mets — is the quote from Leslie Brett:

“The reaction of the fans was kind of awesome because there were some pretty obnoxious ones that just were riding the players. And it felt like it was good karma for us. Look at the picture. It’s hilarious. All their hands are on their heads and they’re in disbelief. It was pretty funny from our perspective. So I got a kick out of it.”

With apologies to the story’s other Lesli (Bilgor is her last name), who tells the Times that she cried on the subway after the game, and with a respectful little bow of the head for karma’s sake, “kind of awesome” and “pretty funny” were, are and forever will remain the appropriate responses to this photo.