Gaming bar ReRoll Tavern opens Thursday in North KC


Prep underway for the grand opening on Thursday. // Photo courtesy of ReRoll

A new table-top board game venue, ReRoll Tavern (2368 Armour Rd), opens to the public Sept. 16 from 6-11 p.m.

The North Kansas City project shattered its initial goal of raising $9,001 through its Kickstarter campaign and wrapped its fundraising round with 251 backers—pledging a combined $43,539 towards the tavern’s future success.

This influx of cash will bring about additional amenities including a custom shelving system, a pair of painted fantasy wall murals, an upgraded live audio system, a custom bar, and private room décor, a custom game table for the private room, elevated gaming tables, a miniatures library, and a collection of “adventuring trophies or treasures” including “iconic weapons, rare antiquities, or ever the heads of mighty beasts.”

Founded by Edward Schmalz, Donald Lewis, and Maggie Boone, ReRoll is stocked with a bonafide library of over 500 tabletop titles. The tavern is staffed with “game guides” who can assist guests in their experience and offers a robust calendar of events—including Dungeons and Dragons nights, board game speed dating, “Drafts and Drafts,” Harry Potter nights, and more to be announced. 

“We have discerned a comprehensive list of what we strongly feel is the best 500 board games of all time,” Schmalz says. “Ranging from classic to contemporary, casual to complex, we believe we’ve found something for everyone in our collection.” 

ReRoll will feature a menu of 14 in-house alcoholic mixed beverages including Hobbit Leaf (.5 oz spiced rum, .5 oz coconut rum, .5 oz peach Schnapps, .5 oz melon liquor, and pineapple juice), The Mind Flayer (.75 oz vodka, .75 oz coffee liquor, and soda), and Health Potion (1.5-ounce silver tequila, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and lime), as well as a selection of beer.

While there are no in-house food offerings, partnerships with the nearby Quiznos and Donut King will allow guests to order in at their discretion.

ReRoll will exist in unity with its sister venue, Vignettes Bar, a complimentary space housing rotating pop-up bars and live music scheduled every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Under the direction of Boone, Vignettes will also open for business Sept. 16 (from 6-11 p.m.) with its first Halloween-themed pop-up, Apparition: DRACULA, featuring six original drinks and six new “vampiric” mixes, a revised layout and experience. 

Future pop-up projects at Vignettes will include the Harry Potter-themed “Leaky Cocktail,” and 007-themed “Shaken, Not Stirred.”

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