Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring on the music of art school dropouts; show tonight at the Jackpot


Baltimore-based Future Islands performs lush, swollen new-wave with minimal equipment and time. The three members gained momentum coming out of Dan Deacon’s Wham City collective in 2008, claiming ‘post-wave’ (post punk + new wave) as their own sound and releasing three albums, each more like a snowballing opera than a new-wave record. The most reductive consensus description of the band seems to be “Tom Waits fronting New Order.” (Tom Waits + New Order < Future Islands.) You can catch the band tonight (Thursday, Nov. 3) at the Jackpot in Lawrence.

Home from a European tour and on the road to Cleveland, Samuel T. Herring, Future Islands’ growling tenor, spoke to The Pitch about staying weird, being scared of David Byrne, and showing weakness as strength.

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