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“I just really think that Jeff Graves will be the key for Roy Williams’ team.”
Digger Phelps, ESPN

GH: Digger needs to shovel a hole, jump in it and stay there for the next three weeks. This guy hasn’t made a cogent comment since he first stared into the wrong ESPN camera ten years ago. If KU is depending on Graves to win in the NCAA tourney, Roy’s boys may as well head to spring break tomorrow.

“I think the injury to Wayne Simeon is the single most devastating injury that any team has had to overcome.”
Chris Fowler, on the KU sophomore’s separated shoulder, ESPN

GH: Don’t discount the injuries allegedly suffered by those two coeds at the hands of MU’s Ricky Clemons.

“This is our time. We weren’t feeling that urgency earlier in the season.”
Travon Bryant, Missouri forward, the Associated Press

GH: Mizzou expects everyone to forget how inconsistent and sloppy they played during the regular season and focus on their success in March. And that’s exactly what we usually do.

“Texas over Kansas is a travesty.”
Jack Harry, complaining about Texas’ No. 1 seed, KSHB Channel 41

GH: Kansas lost seven games. Texas beat Oklahoma twice — an Oklahoma team that Kansas at one point trailed by 35. Kansas beat Texas at home in a classic barn burner. Harry should save the “travesty” talk for the Chiefs this fall when they open the season with Priest Holmes holding out.

“I haven’t had a chance to study the brackets yet.”
Jason Whitlock, to his radio audience at 7:15 a.m. Monday, March 17, WHB 810

GH: Shouldn’t we expect the host of a sports talk-radio show to have studied the brackets of the single most important college sporting event before he goes on the air? Some members of the media are accused of mailing it in when their research is lacking. But mailing it in might not be appropriate for Whitlock; it would require JW to get off his posterior and make a trip to the post office. I was not surprised to discover that Whitlock didn’t write a word in the Star‘s eighteen-page March Madness special section.

“Just playing in the NCAAs is what I’ve been dreaming of. Besides playing in the NBA finals.”
Jimmy McKinney, Mizzou’s freshman guard, WDAF Channel 4

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