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“It’s a risk, but it’s not reckless. If I didn’t know Trent Green like I know him, we probably would not have done it. But we know this kid. … I’d like to think he can run it better [than Elvis Grbac] because he’s been in it longer.”
Dick Vermeil, after giving up a first-round pick to trade for the rehabbing Green, April 21, 2001

GH: If Green is as healthy as he says, why can’t he throw with more zip than your dad playing backyard touch? The Chiefs’ quarterback legacy continues; Steve Oh-no, Elvis Grbac-up and now Spent Green.

“Trent Green is so much more effective when he doesn’t try to throw the ball downfield. Trent Green has had an absolutely bad, bad pathetic second half of this game.”
Steve Tasker, CBS

GH: Food for thought — and gagging: Rich Gannon has made fifty consecutive starts for the Oakland Raiders (and two Pro Bowl appearances) since Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer chose the now-retired Grbac over Gannon.

“There is absolutely no chance of seeing Jonathan Quinn as the Chiefs’ quarterback as long as Dick Vermeil is the coach of this football team.”
Jack Harry, WHB 810

“It’s disappointing, but it’s all part of this game. You learn to live with it and go on, and you try to get better.”
Dick Vermeil, at his press conference following the loss to Jacksonville, Metro Sports

GH: This is the difference between a 65-year-old Vermeil and a 45-year-old Vermeil. A young Vermeil refused to lose. Our vintage’s Vermeil shrugs his shoulders and accepts losing at home as “part of the game.”

“Bowling Green could end up like Marshall did a few years ago with two first-round draft choices. Bowling Green has a good football team. I don’t think we should be embarrassed about anything except having 51 points scored on us.”
Corby Jones, former MU quarterback, after Bowling Green spanked Missouri 51-28, Mizzou Radio Network

GH: Mizzou should be embarrassed about alums like Jones who continue to make excuses for a spiraling football program and accept mediocrity as success.

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