Further Review

“The Chiefs next year, in all likelihood, will be the team to beat in the AFC.”
Kevin Kietzman, WHB 810
GH: Anyone else tired of hearing about next year when it comes to the Chiefs? In all likelihood, the Chiefs will miss the playoffs for the sixth season in a row next year unless their 32nd-ranked defense receives a new set of linebackers and defensive backs.

“They [William Bartee and Eric Warfield] are a work in progress. They both are talented football players. These guys are the future players, and we know they both have skills. At times, they’re brilliant.”
Greg Robinson, on the Chiefs’ defensive corners, 810
GH: If Bartee and Warfield are truly Kansas City’s future, Chiefs fans will have their holiday seasons unencumbered by playoff games for years to come. The Chiefs are 0-3 in games in which Priest Holmes has rushed for 160 yards or more. Thanks, defense.

“When it comes to getting to between the lines, no one wants you to preach to ’em. You gotta be a rotten prick. All my linemen wanted to beat my ass all the time.”
Lynn Dickey, on the attitude he thinks an NFL quarterback must display on the field, 810

“Why would you not be for building this downtown arena? To me it’s not should we build it, but how spectacular can we make it. It’s time for the HOKs or the local construction companies like J.E. Dunn to get up off their butts and design the greatest arena in the history of this world. You had damn well come up with the best plan that has ever been planned. I swear to God, I may be through with this city .”
Soren Petro, KMBZ 980

“This looks to be a much more talented [UMKC men’s basketball team] than last season.”
Danny Clinkscale, play-by-play voice of the ‘Roos, prior to UMKC’s losing its home opener to Robert Morris, 810

GH: Last season, the ‘Roos opened with five straight wins. This year they are 0-6 against some of the weaker teams on their schedule. A flop season by the ‘Roos will make it all the more difficult to draw a crowd to the Mid-Con’s postseason tournament at Kemper this March.

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