Funkhouser says Gloria Squitiro’s book/manuscript/diary was on a private computer

Vulcan Mayor Mark Funkhouser skipped the NAACP National Convention this week to stay home with his sick wife, “Chicken-Shit with an Attitude” Gloria Squitiro. But Funkhouser did make his regularly scheduled “Fridays with Funk” appearance on the radio show of Chris Stigall on KCMO 710 and commented on the release of Squitiro’s book/manuscript/diary.

But he didn’t say much.

“It was not on a public computer,” Funkhouser told Stigall. “A portion of it had been saved to my personal computer from her personal computer. And it was taken from my personal computer during the discovery process of the trial.”

Funkhouser wouldn’t comment on Stigall’s suggestion that he has a potential lawsuit against several new organizations for printing Gloria’s “private” document, although .

“I’m not going to comment,” Funkhouser said. “I’m going to let my lawyer talk about things like that. Just so you know. It was on Gloria’s private computer and a portion of it had been saved to my private computer.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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