Fritz’s Smoked Meats’ Bette Rogers is a meat avalanche

  • This is a carnivore-nal.

For the past month, I’ve been on the opposite of the Atkins Diet. I have been in pursuit of every carb-laden, meat-stuffed, cheese-filled sandwich within 40 minutes of Kansas City. I have followed recommendations from readers, friends, party guests, bus drivers, lawyers and sandwich artists cheating on the place that pays them to ply their trade. It turns out that everyone has an opinion on sandwiches. And in most cases, someone’s favorite place has earned it honestly.

This was all for the sake of Wednesday’s issue, in which The Pitch will unveil a guide should you wish to subsist on sandwiches alone for a month. But because I ate more than 31 sandwiches (the exact number is much higher, but let’s just say I’ve had multiple pork sandwiches for lunch on multiple days), everything couldn’t fit into print. As a result, this week you’ll be hearing about some of the other gut-fillers I encountered. Today’s entry: the Bette Rogers at Fritz’s Smoked Meats (10326 State Line), a recommendation from MRCCG based on this post.

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