Frito-Lay strike ends after nearly a month

Frito Lay Factory

Hundreds of workers at the Frito-Lay facility in Topeka are on strike. // Courtesy of Abigail Censky

Labor strikers in Topeka reached an agreement Saturday with Frito-Lay, ending their three-week-long strike for better wages and the end of overtime between shifts.

The contract will guarantee all employees get one day off a week and bring an end to “suicide shifts”—two 12 hour shifts with only eight hours off in between—that employees had to work. There will also be a 4%  salary increase promised to take place in the next two years.

But just because they reached an agreement doesn’t mean that we should forget how terribly the over 500 workers were treated before the strike happened. A lot of abuse went on before workers finally had enough and that if they hadn’t moved to strike, it most likely would have continued. Maybe we should all consider laying off the Cheetos for just a little bit longer to prove the point that workers cannot be treated like this.

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