Frito-Lay workers ask people to boycott PepsiCo products as strike heads into fourth week

Frito Lay Factory

Hundreds of workers at the Frito-Lay facility in Topeka are on strike. // Courtesy of Abigail Censky

As Frito-Lay workers from Topeka end their third week on strike, they are asking people to continue boycotting products from Frito-Lay and PepsiCo for the remainder of the strike.

That’s right, that means no more Cheetos, Doritos, and Totino’s pizza rolls until the strike is over. Solidarity, brethren.

Negotiations for a deal begin Monday. The biggest issue on the table is bringing an end to mandatory overtime and receiving wage increases that match the cost of living. Workers say that they are working ‘suicide shifts’ where they are forced to work overtime and only have eight hours off and have 84-hour workweeks.

Frito-Lay says that the claims of the strikers are”grossly exaggerated” and that out of 19 employees that worked over 84 hours in a given workweek, only three were required to work.

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