KC Fringe Festival adapts to digital platform; runs July 12-26

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Event banner. // via KC Fringe Festival Facebook page.

The show must go on! The Kansas City Fringe Festival is an annual summer festival, showcasing some of the city’s greatest performers, artists, and productions. Heading into their 16th year in the middle of a pandemic, KC Fringe made the decision to move this year’s festival completely online.

With the spirit of supporting local, national, and global artists/performers during these trying times, KC Fringe will be hosting their festival through a paid streaming service, benefiting both the productions and the Fringe Fandom.

The festival will last two weeks beginning July 12th and ending on the 26th. Productions that were previously intended to be performed on stage, made the jump into filming or altering their performance to be seen by video. This year’s Fringe Festival will feature 35 different shows. 23 local productions, 9 national, and 3 international.

To watch a production during the festival’s two-week run, you can buy individual tickets off of the KC Fringe Website. Browse the complete show catalog, choose the shows you’re interested in seeing, add them to your cart, and once you purchase your tickets you will be sent a receipt with access codes to view your selected shows on Vimeo. Tickets are available to be purchased now with the shows available for viewing starting this Sunday.

Short features under 45 minutes are $5 a ticket, with a $10 & $15 donation option. Shows over 45 minutes are $10 a ticket with a $15 & $20 donation option. If you want easy access to all KC Fringe performances, you can buy an All-Access pass for $230.

The festival will also feature online watch parties for shows with a Q&A session with the production afterward. 

This year’s KC Fringe has a wide variety of types of performance from comedy, music, dance, magic, circus tricks and so much more. If you’re not going all out with the access pass, you can view teasers for each show on the KC Fringe Youtube account to help narrow down your search.

These are not easy times for anyone and it’s especially true for those who make their money performing for a live audience. It’s great to see the prosperity of performers that innovate their acts in new ways to continue reaching audiences. It’s also great that KC Fringe is still able to give these creators a trusted and supportive platform.

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