Free State celebrates March with mustard. Lots of mustard.

Lawrence natives have a particular fondness for the month of March. Mostly because of the college basketball tournament, but Free State Brewery executive chef Rick Martin loves March for a different reason. It’s March Mustard Madness at Free State Brewery.

Free State claims that they stock 64 different mustards for the event, but Martin clarifies: “No, 64 is only the amount of mustards we display. We have a lot more different kinds that we bring out throughout the month… I’d say we started with about 100 different varieties and now have 50 left.”

To make it easier for customers to pick, Martin divides the mustards into different categories. There’s spicy mustards, fruit mustards, beer and spirit mustards, garlic mustards, horseradish mustard and a brand-new category this year called mystery mustard. “I have this mustard from Japan with absolutely no English writing on it, which I just opened this morning and made the mistake of putting on some bread,” he says. “I cried for five minutes. We’re debating on what type of warning to put on that one.”

March Mustard Madness lasts until the end of the month or until Free State

runs out of mustards. The server will ask you what

type of mustard category you want to master and from there, it’s

mustard bliss.

To gather all those mustards, Martin makes a once-a-year trek to Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, home of the Mustard Museum, which

sells more than 500 types.

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