Free food at McDonald’s today … if you’re lucky

I think Fat City has long since established that it loves anything free — even a shameless promotion by the world’s largest restaurant chain.

If you’re reading this fairly early and are anywhere near Olathe, you might want to stop by 119th and Ridgeview around 11 a.m. If you’re one of the first 100 customers at the new McDonald’s, they’ll give you a voucher for free extra-value meals for one year.

Also, the McDonald’s at 95th and Mission that was destroyed by a fire in November reopened early last week. Sadly, there were no vouchers for free food. But the interior has been done in the new McDonald’s model of “hip coffee house” — McCafe machine, LCD televisions, cozy spinning chairs, a bar lounging area, wi-fi of course. (The Olathe store is done the same way.)

The reason for the design is to compete with Starbucks and make McDonald’s a popular hangout destination. While it’s definitely an improvement over the spotted linoleum counters of old, to quote a friend, I just can’t see myself getting work done in a place with a double-fryer.

(Image via Flickr: Our Online Photos)

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