Free chicken for a year

​There’s not much that you get in life just for showing up. But that’s going to be the case this Thursday in Liberty, Missouri, where the first 100 customers at the new Chick-fil-A get a year’s worth of chicken — 52 gift certificates. 
Those searching for a chicken fix can begin camping out tomorrow at 6 a.m. in front of the new store (110 N. Conistor Street), 24 hours before the doors open. You need to be 18 and have valid identification. So track down your tent and start eating fried chicken — you’ll need to steel your mind and stomach for this promotion. 
Now that you have chicken on the brain, it’s time to report on a few other chicken-related items:
According to a reader of Consumerist, one KFC apparently wants to promote a “pleasant atomsphere,” if you can believe the sign they have posted to discourage loiterers. 
PETA cries foul as Kentucky considers making KFC the official state picnic food. 
Meanwhile a KFC competitor is finally off the block. The sale of Church’s Chicken was finalized yesterday as private equity firm Friedman, Fleischer & Lowe purchased the Atlanta-based fried chicken chain.   
And speaking of chicken that might not be enjoyable: Meryl Streep channels Julia Child for Glamour and offers her recipe for a roast tarragon chicken. 
[Image via Flickr: jeffisageek]
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