Freak Show

Stimulus overload will be in effect tonight at Davey’s Uptown (3402 Main, 816-753-1909) when the New Orleans Sunken City Circus rolls through midtown. The touring performance-art troupe brings together local artists, bands and freaks for a circus hosted by Colby “Kole Bastard” Watkins. On the evening’s bill: fire dancer Hell Fire Kitt; Guinness World Record sword swallower Johnny Mayhem (who also serves as a “human tip jar” — audience members can use a staple gun to attach dollar bills to his body); Spears of Shiva (metal rods pushed through a performer’s face); Reaxxion Guerrilla, an industrial-hardcore outfit featuring local goth dude DJ Dhust; and the Pain Tribe, the ritualistic suspension group, whose members hang from the ceiling by their nipples (and other parts), accompanied by tom-tom drumming. Not enough? Look for broken-glass walkers, beds of nails and beds of blades, straitjacket escapists and the infamous “man-eating chicken.” The freaks come out at 10 p.m. and can be seen for $12.

Fri., April 24, 8 p.m., 2009