Four Inane Questions with Professional Bull Rider Bob Mitchell

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Bob Mitchell, Kansas City Outlaws attempts to ride  Whip  of  Obernagel / Sho-Me Rodeo during the Game 5 of the PBR Team Series Pre-Season Event in Tryon, NC. // Photo by Andre Silva

Yippeekiyay, motherf*cker. If watching bull riders hurl through the air is your jam, listen up. The 2022 PBR Team Series’ Outlaws Days arrives at T-Mobile Center this weekend. The Kansas City Outlaws are hosting their inaugural homestand Aug. 5-7.

Missourian Bob Mitchell—who earned the coveted P.B.R. Rookie of the Year honor in May—will be duking it out against his cowboy cohorts.

In his short pro career, the 19-year-old sensation has tallied up some pretty impressive stats, including 41 full rides in 124 attempts (those are pretty stellar numbers for a newbie). He gets knocked down, but he gets up again.

We caught up with the athlete to ask him our series of insipid questions. Needless to say, he was a good sport. 

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Kansas City Outlaws select Bob Mitchell during the PBR Teams Draft at Texas Live. // Photo by Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

The Pitch: If you could only order one thing at a restaurant for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

Bob Mitchell: This is a tough one. I like a lot of different foods and will eat just about anything. If I could only have one meal for the rest of my days it would just be some good ol’ loaded nachos from any Mexican joint. I never need a menu at Mexican restaurants. 

What’s the weirdest bull riding dream you’ve ever had?

One of my most common dreams—whether it’s during sleep or simply day dreaming—would be to ride ol’ Bruiser. [Editor note: Bruiser was both a wildly famous and wildly vicious American bucking bull who died this past May.] Damn shame I won’t get that opportunity. Not sure if that dream would really be considered weird or not, but that’s the dream coming to mind. 

Name a movie star you could successfully teach the fine art of bull riding.

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Bob Mitchell, Outlaws, during the PBR Teams Draft studio shoot. Photo by Andy Watson / Bull Stock Media

I would have to go with Ms. Jennifer Aniston. And you’re probably thinking that I would pick her just because of her looks—and, well, you’d be 100% right.  

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? 

When I was a kid, my brother was teaching me how to ride, and while all the other kids were using butterfly wraps, my brother wouldn’t let me. He always told me, “If you’re too scared to take a wrap, you don’t need to be riding bulls!”

Bonus 5th Question: When it comes to mutton chops, how long is too long?

Shoot, I’m not sure there is a length that’s too long. If I could, I’d grow that badass Yosemite Sam ‘stache. I think I could rock the hell out of that. 

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