Four Inane Questions with KCTV5 anchor Sharon Chen

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Sharon Chen is the new kid on the block at KCTV-5.

The newsie comes to the metro via Omaha where she was an anchor at WOWT, the market’s NBC affiliate. (Fun fact: She’s also worked in two other Nebraska markets, including Scottsbluff and Lincoln. Even more fun fact: She’s also worked as an anchor/reporter at KHNL in Honolulu.)

Chen tells us she considers herself a Midwest girl at heart since she was born in Chicago. The TV journalist is also a self-proclaimed foodie. You’ll often find her “in the kitchen experimenting to find a new culinary creation,” she says. The “wifey and proud mom” adds she likes to spend time with her family. You can often spy her exploring the great outdoors with Captain Kirk, their family’s Labrador. Uh—and because Nebraska—Sharon confesses she’s a huge football fan. “I can’t wait to take in a Chiefs game!” she says.

We hit up Chen between newscasts to answer our bevy of brutally bad questions.

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Courtesy Sharon Chen

The Pitch: What’s a dessert you could eat every day for the rest of your life?  

This might be the shortest answer you get.  Ice cream, hands down.

I’ll expand. It’s my ultimate downfall. I can’t say no to ice cream unless it’s blue. I can’t do ice cream in weird colors. To name a favorite flavor is difficult. I have many. And, these days, the flavors are getting super creative. I love a vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and fudge swirl, like Moose Tracks. And I love cherry ice cream. This flavor discussion can continue for a while; I’d better stop here.

‘Fess up! What song or movie remake do you consider better than the original?

I’m an old soul, so I’m going with the classics—like My Fair Lady. It’s way better than the original Pygmalion from the 1930s. For one, the music is wonderful: “The Rain in Spain,” “I Could Have Danced All Night,” and my favorite, “Show Me!”

The movie also has an important message about how strong women always find a way to stand on their own. I also love the interactions between Professor Higgins and Eliza Doolittle, played by Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. No one is classier than her.

What would be at the top of your list if you could visit any of the planets in our solar system?

Saturn, because it has a cool ring around it. I know it’s just chunks of ice and rock, but I always imagined how cool it would be to run on it. Maybe this is a result of too many cartoons as a child?

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Courtesy Sharon Chen

Do you have a most embarrassing on-air blooper/moment? Do tell!

Uncontrollable fits of laughter landed me on a blooper reel somewhere.

This was in Omaha and my producer had put a story in about a woman who was stealing meat. She stole a 6-pound ham by putting it down her skirt, along with other deli items.

My co-anchor started laughing, I could see her body shaking out of the corner of my eye, and I lost it. Recovery was difficult. We still laugh about it to this day.

Bonus 5th Question: What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? 

Silence of the Lambs. I saw it with my girlfriends in high school. I remember my family had gone to Las Vegas for the weekend. Like a typical teen, I thought it was much cooler to stay home and hang out with friends and see Silence of the Lambs. I’ll never forget it. It scared us to death.

The car ride home was silent. After they dropped me off, I was home alone and terrified. I turned on every light in the house, the TVs, double locked all the doors, and I was still scared. Then—call it luck—my family came home early for whatever reason. I remember I flew out of the house and jumped into my dad’s arms. I couldn’t have been happier they were home.

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