Four Inane Questions with Easy Bake Battle’s Lauren Lane

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Lauren Lane. // Courtesy Netflix

After 25 years toiling away in corporate America, Lauren Lane threw caution to the wind and chucked her career to pursue her passion of cooking. Her goal? Teach others how to cook and entertain guests effortlessly.  

Think Martha Stewart, but with a bit more edge and a lot more wine. 

Slowly but surely, the self-proclaimed KC culinarian built her foodie empire. Along the way, she shared many of the tips, tricks, and techniques she’s discovered from her own imperfect path to cooking and entertaining. Before long, Lane started working with companies to expand their brand presence through influencer marketing, recipe development, and photography.

Just last month, Lane landed a primo spot on Netflix’s cooking competition Easy Bake Battle. Hosted by Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye fame, Easy Bake Battle lets home cooks duke it out whilst unleashing their extensive kitchen know-how and cooking hacks. “The Easy Bake Oven was my favorite toy as a child, and now, as an adult, I’m still having fun,” says Lane. “I had a wonderful experience, and the feedback has been tremendous.” 

Need some upcoming holiday entertaining assistance? Lane will help if her calendar isn’t already booked. (She’s spendy, but worth it, kids.) We caught up with the foodie maven over a 17-course dinner to ask her our four stupid questions. And—bonus!—she only told us we were using the wrong fork seven times. 

The Pitch: The Spice Girls ask you to join them for a reunion as their newest member. What’s your Spice name and your on-stage persona?

Lauren Lane: As it relates to my brand and cooking? I’d say I’m Comfy Spice. I want everyone that sits around my table or comes to a cooking class to feel cared for and at home. I want them to linger, relax, and feel loved. 

And the goal of the recipes I share on my blog and Instagram—give me a follow, #shamelessplug—is that they are effortless and soul-warming. Yup, I’m Comfy Spice. 

What’s the most expensive, decadent meal you’ve ever eaten? How good/bad/middling was it?

I’d have to guess the most expensive meal I’ve had was at Il Mulino in New York City. I remember the massive Parmigiano-Reggiano wheel gave me all the Italian feels, the food was fabulous, and the service was exceptional. They have a way of making you feel special and very welcome. We stayed for hours. We ate, we drank, and were very merry. 

Name a celebrity for whom you would kill to cook a meal?

lauren lane

Lauren Lane. // Courtesy Lauren Lane

Ina Garten. Did I ever tell you the story that I was actually scheduled to cook Thanksgiving dinner with Ina? 

My sister entered me into a surprise contest in which Ina would come to the winner’s kitchen and surprise them and cook Thanksgiving together. I made it through all the vetting, and it was all set and in place. Sadly, Ina had to cancel at the last minute. My sister told me about what almost happened, and I burst into tears. Not because I was sad but so grateful for the almost opportunity. But not to worry, I’ll cook with her one day. 

In the checkout lane at the grocery store, what’s a mandatory impulse purchase you can’t live without? 

It used to be Diet Coke, but I’ve kicked the habit. Yes! So now I can zip through the checkout line unscathed.

Bonus 5th Question: Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What’s an expensive ingredient you’re willing to splurge on? 

Wine, of course.

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