Foster’s: Australian for luxury beer

Foster’s is set to release a $70 bottle of beer today (that would be approximately $58.42 in U.S. dollars) to the Australian market. This is the second vintage of the Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager (CARL), which is sold in a champagne-style bottle and meant to be drunk from a wine glass.

Only 6,000 bottles of CARL will be produced from the Australian brewer best known for its trademark blue and gold oil cans of lager. The Foster’s Group is apparently hoping to capitalize on the growing luxury beer market in Australia.

It’s a strategy that’s worked in the United States — however, the production of specialized batches tends to be the playground of craft and micro-brewers. Boulevard’s Smokestack Series and Schlafly’s special releases come to mind. But those beers are a bargain when compared with Samuel Adams Utopias — which is 27 percent alcohol and comes in a ceramic, brew kettle-shaped decanter. It is expected to be available in November with a suggested retail price of $150.

Whether or not Americans have the best beer in the world, we at least have a more expensive limited-edition release this year.   

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