Former Kansas City International Raceway owners slam brakes on finding new location

Todd Bridges and Race to the Future havent given up replacing KCIR.

  • Bethany Day
  • Todd Bridges and Race to the Future haven’t given up replacing KCIR.

Kansas City International Raceway’s 45th year would be revving up, had the track’s ownership group, NP3 Racing LLC, not sold the drag strip three months ago to the city of Kansas City. At the time of the sale, angry racers accused NP3 of selling out the city’s drag-racing heritage for a quick buck. (NP3 sold the track on Noland Road for $1.55 million.)

NP3 investor Rob Park tried to calm his detractors with claims that he and his partners were looking for a new location to race near Kansas City. “There are a lot of places that want us,” Park told The Pitch in December, “just not Kansas City.” (Park didn’t return a request for comment for this story.)

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