Forget the drive-in — it’s time for the double drive-through

I have seen the future and it comes in two orderly lines for styrofoam packages of Chinese food. China Feast (200 E. Linwood Blvd.) employs a twin drive-through system, with ordering stations on either side of the squat red and yellow building, from which it dispenses crab rangoon and two-piece fish specials.

I’ll admit I’ve never eaten China Feast’s fast-food, but I have heard stories of lesser men who broke down after a lengthy Costco trip — the superstore is on the other side of Linwood — and found themselves downing sweet and sour chicken that did not taste so very different from orange chicken.

But the food isn’t the story here. It’s the innovative twin drive-through that needs to be adopted by fast food franchises of all cuisine types.

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